IT Consulting Services

At Rigor, we are there to support you in steering your organization to the next level through our set of consulting services that include

ICT Strategy formulation

Our team of strategy formulation will work jointly with your internal teams to come up with ICT strategies that align with organizational objectives and its implementation. Our team of specialists will collaborate with your organization to define how IT will be used to help the businesses win in their chosen business context. We assist organizations in developing and documenting ICT strategies that support the organizations strategy and objectives

ICT organization establishment and management

We assist organizations in setting up their ICT departments with the requisite strategy, policies and procedures that add value and assist in the achievement of organization objectives

ICT Transformation and Change Management

This involves a complete reassessment and overhaul of an organization's information technology (IT) systems in order to improve the efficiency and delivery. We assist organizations in reviewing their ICT strategy, policies, procedures, personnel and systems in order to achieve organizations objectives. We also ensure that that the foreseen changes are well implemented in order to unlock value with minimal disruption to the organization.

Projects Management

Through our team of highly knowledgeable expertize we support organizations in ensuring that their ICT projects deliver on the five key success measures that contribute to an implementation of complex ICT projects i.e. On time, on budget, on business objectives, on technical objectives and on human objectives. We accomplish this by deploying our personnel who have years of experience in multiple projects as well as best practice tools and techniques

Systems Implementation reviews

We conduct System Pre and Post Implementation reviews before/after completing a project. This assists organizations in evaluating whether project objectives were met, to determine how effectively the project was run, to learn lessons for the future, and to ensure that the organization gets the greatest possible benefits from the project.

Systems Projects Assurance

We assist organizations that are implementing ICT projects by providing an independent and objective oversight of the likely future performance of these projects for those responsible for sanctioning, financing or insuring such undertakings. We utilize technical, strategic and contractual expertise to audit project plans and personnel and develop a forecast of likely technical, economic, and safety performance and critical success factors. This helps manage risks and improved delivery confidence. Project Assurance supports the Board and Management as well as others responsible for successful delivery of a project whilst providing funders and other stakeholders with the confidence that the project shall deliver to time, budget and quality.

Internal controls systems reviews

Internal Controls are a series of actions that govern an organization’s activities. An internal control review determines whether internal controls exist and are sufficient as well as whether the controls are working as designed. We assist organizations in evaluating internal control by identifying the internal control objectives relevant to the organization, reviewing pertinent policies and procedures and the documentation standards for each, discussing controls with the appropriate levels of personnel, observing the control environment, testing transactions as appropriate, sharing findings, concerns and recommendations with senior management and/or the board of directors as well as determining that the organization has taken timely corrective action on weaknesses that were identified.

Information Security reviews

Information Security reviews focus on risks that pose a threat to security and integrity of network operations, system security, and data protection and covers areas such as Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning. We assist organizations in identifying their Information Security Risks and points of exposure, how they can be mitigated, what controls are to be implemented as well as reviewing whether regulatory requirements on information security have been met. Information Security reviews focus on security controls over physical and logical security of the servers, including change management, administration of server accounts, system logging and monitoring, incident handling, system backup and disaster recovery. The system or applications are reviewed against vendor recommendation and industry best practices and standards.

Business Process Management [BPM] consultancy services

We offer world class Business Process Management services, geared at improving quality, productivity and revenues, simultaneously. We leverage leading global methodologies and standards such as Kaizen/Lean, Six Sigma, Outside-in and ISO 9001:2008 to help our clients greatly improve their bottom-line results and generally achieve their vision, mission and goals.