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Rigor Systems offers a comprehensive array of services to help organizations deploy, integrate, and operate highly effective data protection environments. Our services are designed to help organizations get the most from their investment by increasing backup success rates, minimizing recovery time, and optimizing storage utilization. Rigor Systems data protection services includes our consulting services, education/training services, and enterprise support services.

  • Increase backup and recovery success rates
  • Leverage new technology: disk, virtualization and deduplication
  • Optimize storage utilization
  • Improve data protection service delivery
  • A review and audit report of your current status
  • Recommended options/solutions
  • Deployment of solutions
  • Maintenance and support of deployed solutions

At Rigor Services, we believe the quality of our lives is determined by the answers we provide to various questions that continuously occupy the mind such as:

  • When is the last time you were able to empirically prove to business that you can recover both data and applications that serve your customers in minutes as opposed to hours or days?
  • How much storage space cost can you save by applying the right de-duplication technology?
  • Why are you using different backup and recovery tools for both your physical and virtualized environments?
  • How many times have you truly recovered to the last desired point using snapshots and how smooth and fast was this?
  • How much can you save in hardware cost if you had the flexibility to back up to physical, virtual, cloud and tapes and to recover to any hardware?
  • What level of peace would your legal and compliance team get if you are able to extract data relating to legal holds and retention in minutes as opposed to days or weeks?
  • How much bandwidth can you save between your primary data center and your disaster recovery sites if you are able to de-duplicate your data from source and vice versa?
  • What savings can you make in terms of operational cost if you had an appliance that will consolidate your entire backup and restore processes with the least human interventions? What level of peace would this bring to your stretched IT staff?
  • What level of productivity improvement would your users have if they are able to recover their data from your backups at the most granular level - a specific file, email - within minutes and on their own?
  • What is the level of your customer satisfaction with regards to your systems availability for the critical systems that serve them?
  • How secure is your data when you are replicating it between the primary data center to your disaster recovery location?

If the above questions are interesting and you are not satisfied with the current answers, Rigor Systems and Symantec are keen to partner with you and deliver positive answers.