Backup and recovery

Data is at the heart of every company, whether it is the simple sales numbers for business or complex contractual agreements. Every organization is as good as its data and therefore, it is critical for all organizations irrespective of their size to have proper data protection mechanisms in place especially in these days of ever-increasing threats to the data.

Data relevant to any organization is contained is Physical server, Virtualized platforms, File shares , SQL based databases like Oracle and MSSQL, modern big data workloads like Hadoop, Mongo DB and all these data sources might be either On premise or In the cloud. Organizations therefore, need to adopt data protection solutions that take into consideration All these data sources and integrates natively with the data sources.

The data protection mechanism adopted should be able to continuously protect the organizations crown jewel data automatically and without the need to put the Applications offline or any human interventions.

Most organizations are facing various challenges in their data protection strategies and some of the challenges we have encountered in our market includes defining

  • What are the Business approved Recovery time (RTO) and recovery point (RPO).
  • How to protect, organization’s data against emerging threats like Ransomware.
  • How to meet data protection requirements for compliance regulations.
  • How to protect modern data workloads like Cloud Data, 0365 data, Big Data workloads, Virtualized data, modern Databases etc.
  • Whether to use tapes , Disks or cloud as their media for data protection

At Rigor, our DNA is data protection and we assist our clients in coming up with data protection strategies that address the above challenges in the most cost efficient and timely approach. We offer Data protection solutions that are sized to meet your organizational needs either On premise, on the Cloud or a Hybrid.

Are you In Need of Unified data protection for cloud, virtual, physical and modern workloads?


key requirements of a modern data protection solution