The Company

We are a consulting and advisory company that was founded in 2012 and started operating in 2013. We exist to help our clients maintain high level of availability of their data and applications that they use to optimise value for  their stakeholders. We serve clients across all sectors of the economy and are priveleged to have global, regional and local companies among our clients. We endeavor to ensure that every client we serve becomes our ambassador for our future services.

Our Experience

Our business is based on the experience of our consultants. The consultants have wide range of experience as auditors, IT engineers, managers and directors. Our consultants have worked in the financial, telecommunication, aviation, retail, manufacturing, fintechs, agricultural, security and non-govermental sectors among others. The consultants have helped in selection, implementation , support and audit of various automation solutions ranging from infrastructure, standalone applications, core (banking and insurance) applications as well as ERPs. Our consultants have worked in all the continents and have a special focus on Africa footprint.

Our Promise

We shall keenly listen to our clients, validate their desire and once agreed, we shall always deliver to the mark or better.

Our Partners & Clients

  1. Clients
    1. One of the leading Telecom companies in Eastern Africa
    2. Two of the top 5 insurance groups in East Africa
    3. A leading global supplly chain operating in East Africa
    4. A leading and regional FMCG in Nutrition
    5. A regional donor funded organisation that facilitates Africa Trade
    6. A regional donor funded organisation in Health and Education
    7. A regional re-insurance organisation based in Nairobi
    1. Partner with Arcon Techsolutions Private Limited of India
    2. Gold Partner with Veritas Technology LLC
    3. Registered Partner with Symantec

Our Values

  1. Keeping our promise;
  2. A continuous and never ending improvement (CANI) of our proposition;
  3. Supporting colleagues to grow and glow; and
  4. Giving back to our communities.