About Us

Welcome to Rigor Systems limited

With 9+ year of experience in Information technology delivering projects in data backup and recovery, Information analytics and insight, project management and system assurance in all sectors of both local and internantional economy.

Our Mission

To provide delight to enterprises when we help them protect and extract value from information assets investments

Our Vision

To become the most trusted enterprise information assets solution provider by every customer that we serve

Our Values

To become the most trusted enterprise information assets solution provider by every customer that we serve;

  • Keeping our promise;
  • A continuous and never ending improvement (CANI) of our proposition;
  • Supporting colleagues to grow and glow; and
  • Giving back to our communities.

Our 6-D Process


What are the Business approved Recovery time (RTO) and recovery point (RPO).

  • What is acceptable data Loss
  • How Long Do we take to recover?


How to protect, organization’s data against emerging threats like Ransomware.


How to meet data protection requirements for compliance regulations.



How to Protect modern data workloads like Cloud Data , 0365 data , Big Data workloads, Virtualized data, modern Databases e.t.c.


Use  tapes , Disks or cloud as Your media for data protection


Protect all your workload and Ensure real time recovery

Why Choose Us?

Rigor Systems Limited (Rigor) is a company registered in Kenya and with a focus on Africa-wide operations. We started our operations in May 2013 and our aim is to be the trusted go to collaborate on matters data protection, Program management and information systems Assurance.  

The formation of the company in August 2012 was driven by the strong desire of the founders to support clients address the huge gaps that companies are facing in the area of information assets value extraction and protection management. 

 Our Service Focus 

We have partnered with the best Vendors to ensure your data remain confidential, Integral and Available whenever you need it

 Alignment with organizational objectives and its implementation

We offer guided advice and best in class solutions that will help your organization save on ROI 

Our Team is made up of experienced person, from all areas of information technology.

We are available on call or Email whenever you need our services

Would you like to start a project with us?

Our team of expert is ready to share their massive experience and professionalism in any Project you have within our business line.